10 tips to ace a job interview in the IT sector

Posted at 22 April 2023

Have you recently interviewed for a bunch of IT jobs without success? Don’t despair—maybe all you need is a little preparation!

Check out these 5 tips from our specialists and find out how to improve your chances for the next IT job interview.

Succeeding in your job interview: 5 tips from our IT recruiters

Our IT recruiters have compiled for you the best of their tips for a successful IT job interview.

1. Find out about the company

Before any job interview, as an IT professional or otherwise, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the company you’re applying to.

Finding out a bit about the company will give you an idea of the work they do and whether it interests you. If you understand what the company does, you’ll also be in a better position to explain how you can contribute to its success.

Recruiters almost always ask candidates questions about the company to check whether you’re really interested in working for them. The best strategy for answering this type of question is to be properly prepared.

So take an interest in the person you will be talking to. For example, you can add them on LinkedIn to learn more about them. Your involvement with the company could potentially make the difference between two candidates with a similar profile.

2. Study the job posting carefully

Study the job offer posted online carefully and the important points included. You will be able to give much more information in line with the profile you are looking for thanks to your research. It is important to adapt your speech to the job offer, because depending on what is requested, you will not put forward the same achievements or the same experiences.

Studying the job offer will also allow you to quickly identify your weak points in relation to what is sought in the position. You will then be able to react in the right way when they are mentioned.

No candidate matches 100% of the description in the job post. So it doesn't matter if you don't have all the skills mentioned, or if you don't master all the programming languages specified. As long as it is not the main task, you can feel at ease!

3. Pay attention to your body language

Your body language during an interview can speak louder than words! You should use your body language to make the right impression from the moment you step into the room.

The first minutes, even the first seconds of the job interview are the most important and will define the image that the recruiter will have of you.

Start with a firm handshake. A weak handshake may signal that you’re timid or unsure of yourself, and one that’s too forceful will come off as domineering and unpleasant. Also take care of your appearance, so that you present yourself clean, modest, to show the importance you attach to this job interview.

Take care not to gesture too much when you speak, because it can be distracting. Practice using gestures as a way to support your words rather than as a method of communication in and of themselves.

In a video interview:

  • Pay attention to the surroundings in the background and to background noises: animals passing by, the phone or oven ringing...
  • Pay attention to the camera angle. A good angle should put you in front and see you from the front, as if the interview was face to face.
  • Be focused on the exchange and unplug from your phone: you can turn off any extraneous notifications.

4. Showcase your accomplishments

Applying for an IT job often requires showing off your work achievements. IT recruiters need to be sure that you have the skills required for the job.

So you can share past projects with proof, or, more simply, take the points from the ad and put them in context with your own experience.

5. Remain natural

Recruiters particularly appreciate IT candidates who are enthusiastic - but not overly so - and who encourage interaction by being willing to listen and converse.

This is possible if you manage to remain natural and do not fall prey to stress. The person in front of you is human, and is discovering someone new as much as you are! Be frank, transparent, honest, don't be uncomfortable and feel free to ask questions, because you are in a dialogue and not taking an assessment.

5 more tips to ace your job interview

These five points are very important to ace your job interview. But you can put the odds on your side with these additional tips!

6. Prepare answers to common interview questions

To increase your chances of success, do a bit of research on common IT job interview questions and the best answers to them. By doing the work beforehand, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and awkward moments where you have no idea how to answer an unexpected question.

Bonus: if you know someone who works for the company, ask them how their interview went. The interviews won’t be exactly the same, but at least you can get a better idea of what to expect.

7. Highlight your skills, but be humble

In any job interview, you’ll be asked about your professional accomplishments.

It’s important to learn how to talk about your skills without seeming full of yourself. Some people tend to be too modest and undersell themselves in interviews, while others sing their own praises. The key to acing your interview is finding the right balance.

Try to answer the interviewer’s questions by explaining how your IT skills have helped you overcome challenges in your professional life. That way, you can showcase your skills in a concrete, measurable way, while maintaining a certain amount of humility.

8. Let your qualities shine through in your speech

The personal qualities you should showcase during an interview must be different from those written down in your IT resume. So try, in the way you value your skills, to disseminate hints of your qualities when you introduce your previous jobs and what you accomplished there.

Don't try to be too secretive in a job interview. The goal is to get to know you, and you will make a better impression by being approachable and accessible. Sometimes the recruiter needs to feel confident too! Your interpersonal skills can also come out in the way you express yourself, so watch out for that. 😊

9. Be curious about the company

Although it may seem unnatural, it’s important to show interest in the position and the company. If a question comes to mind during the interview, don’t be afraid to ask. This is one of the things to say in an interview.

Find out about the work environment, the software they use, the team you would be working with, etc. These types of questions let recruiters know that you are serious about the position and can see yourself working there.

10. Talk about salary range, but with care

Negotiating salary in an interview is always an important step in the hiring process. But it's important to talk about it, to make sure neither you nor the employer is wasting time. At the very least, make sure you have a general range of what the employer wants to pay based on the skill level you have, gross or net.

Don't be closed during this discussion: if you want to succeed in your job interview, you will have to be diplomatic. Also, don't try to make the employer feel sorry for you by talking about the high cost of living or any other reason that might justify a high salary. You are talking to a recruiter or the employer. The employer will present you with a salary commensurate with your skills and the IT job. Instead, show how you are the right fit for the job.

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There you have it, 5 useful tips to help you prepare for and ace your next IT job interview. Remember to read up on the company, expect certain questions and practice in order to present your best self at the interview.

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