Our IT employment agency’s mission and values

As IT specialists, our consultants are naturally in a position to advise and guide you through the recruitment process. However, the real value of our IT employment agency is our mission and the values we want to embody.

Our mission

We work daily with our clients and candidates in the IT sector on two main objectives:

  • Providing you with job opportunities that match your projects/goals and align with your skills and experiences.
  • Providing you with our advice in order to build a strong and long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust and honesty.

We can assist and support IT departments in all their operations (development, infrastructure, executive, etc.) throughout the Montreal region.

No matter what your project or expectations are, we offer you permanent or temporary jobs in the IT sector.

Fed IT is a recruitment company registered to the "Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail" (CNESST - Licence n°AP-2000217 / AR-2000216).

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Our values

At Fed IT, everything we do is guided by values that are very important to us.


Each of our candidate interviews is designed to gather reliable and relevant information that helps us make informed recruitment decisions.


Because the IT sector is rapidly changing, it is only natural that our clients' needs should do the same. This is why we don't hesitate to use a range of recruitment methods to find candidates at short notice. 


When you work with our IT employment agency, you get continuous support. Our recruiters are always available and can provide advice, no matter what challenges you face.