What are the most used programming languages?

Posted at 20 November 2020

Nowadays, there is an endless number of programming languages.

Knowing which ones are most useful to learn as an aspiring IT developer, or which ones IT recruiters look for the most, can therefore be difficult.

Learn about the most used programming languages in 2020 to maximize your chances of getting your dream job.

The most used programming languages based on their use

As you are in the midst of your career development, you should learn the most used languages based on the IT field in which you want to work.

Each language has its own particular use. A web developer with therefore not necessarily be familiar with the same language as a video game designer.

Here are the most used programming languages in the main IT sectors.

Best programming languages for website creation

Creating a website is no small task. There are different types of jobs in web development that require very different skills.

Languages mastered by front-end developers

Front-end developers are in charge of developing a website's interactive components, i.e. the parts that an internet user sees and can interact with directly.

To get a front-end developer job, you have to master the JavaScript language and some of its frameworks, such as Angular or React JS.

Languages mastered by back-end developers

Back-end developers handle the coding that makes a site work, i.e. its server side. To get a back-end developer job, you should know PHP, Ruby, Python and/or Go.

Languages mastered by full stack developers

Full stack developers know how to code the front-end and back-end of a website. They must therefore learn to use all the languages necessary for these tasks.

Languages used in software development

Would you like to work in software development?

Several programming languages are used in this industry. You therefore have several options if you wish to deepen your knowledge.

A valuable language to learn in this field is C, one of the oldest programming languages. You should also master its derivative, C++, for object-oriented programming. Another derivative of this language, C#, is also often sought after by IT recruiters.

Other programming languages useful in software development would be Python, Java and even JavaScript in some cases.

Languages used in mobile app development

The mobile app development sector has been growing steadily in recent years.

For this career path, you need to learn the programming languages for the main mobile operating systems: Android and iOS.

Programming languages to learn for Android apps

Creating Android apps requires mastering Java. Kotlin is also a language that is increasingly used. Learning it could certainly be an asset when applying for a job in IT.

Programming languages to learn for iOS apps

In the past, the Objective-C language was the most used programming language for iOS apps. Nowadays, this language is slowly being replaced by Swift.

Learning both may be useful. However, we suggest that you pay more attention to Swift, since it will completely replace Objective-C in the future.  

Languages to learn to work in artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence (AI) field has grown enormously recently. While this fascinating field may seem very complex, the main languages used in AI are very common.

Python is the most used programming language in AI. It is a simple language to learn and it performs very well.

C++ is also used in this field, but it is more difficult to learn.

Java is another language used in AI, but it will be increasingly overlooked because of its performance problems.

Programming languages for video game development

The video game industry in Canada is continuously growing. In 2019, there were more than 27,000 people employed in this industry in Canada. A career as an IT developer in this field is therefore a real possibility in the coming years.

You will need to be familiar with a variety of computer languages to do so. The standard languages to know for video game programmers are C and C++.

However, C#, Python, Java, and Lua are also valuable languages to learn for video game design.

What languages to know to work in IoT (Internet of Things)

In 2020, the IoT field was in full swing. More and more companies are making connected objects that help make everyday life easier. A truly fascinating field for new technology fanatics!

To work in this field, you will need to know at least some of these languages: Python, Java, C, JavaScript, Swift and PHP.

The most used programming languages in 2020

As of November 2020, the TIOBE index indicated that the most used programming languages were:

·      C

·      Python

·      Java

·      C++

·      C#

This ranking is not surprising considering that Python is the main computer language used in AI and other important areas of IT.

Knowing these common programming languages could only be an asset in your job search.

Learn new programming languages to land your dream job

This article likely showed you how difficult it is to identify the most used programming languages.

Although the most popular ones can be roughly determined, each industry has different needs. If you want to become a developer, you need to learn the most used programming languages in the field you are interested in.

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