What are the agile best practices to implement?

Posted at 19 October 2020

Managing a large number of projects at the same time is a common challenge for many IT start-ups and SMEs. With limited resources and a small team, structuring projects and completing them within a reasonable timeframe can be difficult.

This is why agile practices were developed. These practices help entrepreneurs use flexible planning and scalable development to deliver their projects quickly and encourage continuous improvement.

Here are the best agile practices to implement in your company!

1. Appoint a Product Owner 

Product owners are the key resources for the organization and prioritization of software development within a company. They have a comprehensive view of the functional, technical and organizational aspects. In short, a product owner job involves being responsible for a company’s needs.

2. Hire a Scrum Master

Scrum Masters are also key players in the implementation of agile practices in IT. They are responsible for the methods, meaning they facilitate and guarantee proper methodology throughout the entire project.

3. Structure iteration cycles (sprints)

Sprints have become well known in agile practices. They are project development cycles during which a certain number of tasks are accomplished. These iteration cycles can last from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the Scrum Master’s decision. A sprint planning meeting is set up before each cycle to clearly outline the team’s objectives.

4. Determine the different stages and steps of the project

Splitting your projects into different stages and steps is a good agile practice to adopt to facilitate iteration cycle structuring. Your IT professionals will also be more motivated since they will have a tangible way to track each project's progress.

5. Set up daily meetings

Agile practices promote interaction and participation within a company. You should therefore set up business rituals that encourage these values. A good way to do this is with a stand-up meeting (also called a daily scrum meeting) between the main project stakeholders.

During these quick meetings of 5 to 15 minutes, share what you accomplished throughout the day and the challenges you faced. This helps you stay up to date on project development at all levels and find solutions quickly if needed.

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