IT job interview: 8 common questions and the best answers

Posted at 09 December 2020

Do you have an IT job interview coming up?

Congratulations! This is the first step in your career development.

However, to give you the best possible chance to land the job, you should prepare well for the interview.

Here are 8 of the most common IT job interview questions and the best answers to these questions.

1. “Tell us about yourself and your experience in the field of IT”

This question is probably asked to every IT job candidate. When asking this question, the employer wants to get a general idea of your practical experience in the IT field and understand who you are as an individual.

When you answer this question, start by introducing yourself then elaborate on your background and work experience in chronological order.

You should also make sure not to go to extremes when answering this question. Talking about your personal and professional strengths is encouraged. However, bragging or belittling yourself is not an effective job interview tactic.

You need to sell yourself, of course, but always stay humble to avoid any arrogance.

2. “What do you know about our company?”

By asking this question, the employer expects to see your motivation and interest in working for their company.

Make sure you prepare yourself by doing research about the company in question before the interview. Learn more about their goals, values, services or products they offer, and more. This will help you give a complete answer to this question.

If you think it could benefit you during the interview, you can also search some of their key business numbers and statistics. This can help you score points with the employer.

3. “Describe your current position” 

Employers ask this question to find out what your main roles are and what kinds of tasks you perform on a daily basis. It helps them see if the candidates they interview have the right experience for the job and if they use agile best practices in IT.

To properly answer this question, clearly list your current roles and tasks, starting with the most significant and relevant to the position you are applying for.

4. "What IT tools do you know how to use?"

When you go for an IT job interview, expect to be asked this question.

Employers want to find out about your level of use and skills with certain tools to make sure you can do the job well.

Answer this question honestly. The interviewer will not expect you to be proficient in all software and programming languages. However, they will want to see if you have some versatility and if you are able to potentially learn some new tools that are useful for the job at hand.

5. "Why do you want this job?”

Again, this question is used to show your motivation to fill the position. Answer this question by honestly stating your additional reasons for applying for this job.

For example, you may be attracted to the company's work environment, or you may identify with its values. You might also see it as an opportunity for you to grow professionally and take the next step in your IT professional career.

No matter the reason, clearly show your interest in the position.

6. “What is your data centre problem solving process?”

Problem solving skills are a necessity for anyone working in IT. During a job interview, your potential employer will want to know how you would react in the event of an IT incident and whether you would be able to handle the pressure well.

If your interviewer asks this question, answer by clearly listing the different steps in your problem solving process. Consider using a real situation in which you had to use this method as an example to strengthen your answer.

The recruiter will be able to see your proactivity and your ability to foresee performance challenges.

7. “What are your main strengths and weaknesses as an employee?”

“What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses in the workplace?”: the classic question in any job interview.

When sharing your strengths, remember to say something that defines you and truly makes you proud. You should ideally share a strength that could be an asset to the job you want, such as your ability to speak more than one language, for example.

On the other hand, talking about your weaknesses and being vulnerable in front of someone you want to impress is not easy. Answer this question honestly, but do not say anything that could be detrimental to your candidacy.

To do so, indicate an advantage you can draw from this weakness or how you intend to improve this point in the future.

8. “How do you interact with other departments, IT or not?”

Working in IT means that you will probably have to work with several other departments, whether they are IT related or not.

For example, you may have to offer technical assistance to other employees, work alongside storage specialists, and more.

An employer will want to know if you enjoy working in a team or are able to help different users solve IT related problems. Show them your experience in this field and the skills you acquired to perform well in this area of your work.

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