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What if your company's future employee joined you through a temporary contract?

Hiring tech talent through temporary recruitment

During a busy period in your company, such as an IT migration or a hectic seasonal period, hiring a temporary tech employee can bring many benefits.

Our IT placement agency offers employers candidates for permanent positions, but also for temporary positions. These highly experienced profiles are best suited to take on sustained assignments and join your team as support.

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Employers, choose temporary IT recruitment

If you are recruiting in the IT industry, it's time to consider the benefits of a temporary contract for your business. One of the advantages of hiring a temporary tech talent is that it allows you to have more flexibility in your process, quickly adapting your workforce to the changing needs of your business.

In addition, a temporary contract can be an excellent option for evaluating an employee's skills and work ethic before hiring them permanently.

Finally, it can help reduce recruitment and training costs. So, why not consider hiring temporary contract IT professionals for your company now?

Recruiters, choose our temp agency for IT jobs in Montreal, Fed IT to find the next gem for your company!

Fed IT takes care of your temporary IT recruitment for you

Our IT recruiters at Fed IT are all specialized in the sector. They are thus able to identify your needs and adapt the search accordingly. Indeed, the recruitment of a temporary worker is not done in the same way as for a permanent position.

Entrust us with your temporary recruitment, and we will find you the perfect candidate, the one who can bring his or her expertise and real added value to your company.

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