5 Things You Should and Shouldn’t Say in an IT Job Interview

Posted at 25 September 2021

Don’t have much job interview experience? Have your last few interviews not gone super well? It might be time to review what you should and shouldn’t say during an IT job interview! 

We’ve compiled our top tips on what NOT to say in an interview… and what you SHOULD say to make a great impression!

Tip #1: Never speak ill of your current employer

One of the first tips for acing your job interview is to never speak badly about your current or former employer.

When asked why you want to change jobs, you might be tempted to be 100% honest and list all the reasons why you want to leave your job. But in reality, this could tank your chances.

From the recruiter’s point of view, the candidate could one day speak just as negatively about their company. It is important to remain professional and to think of a more tactful answer when asked why you want to change jobs.

Tip #2: Learn about the company beforehand

Our second tip is to always read up on the company before your job interview. If you show up without a clear idea of what the company does, the employer will get the impression that you’re not taking your job search seriously.

Knowing the company’s mission, values and projects shows the employer that you truly want to work for them. To guide you, here are a few questions to ask (and answer!) yourself before the interview:

  • What is this company’s industry?
  • What is the company mission?
  • What can you bring to the company as an IT professional?
  • Etc.

Tip #3: Don’t say you would accept any position 

When interviewing for an IT position, it’s important to know your true value as an IT professional. If you imply that you would take any job, the recruiter will think you are desperate and willing to say anything.

To land a good job, you should show that you are confident and able to explain why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Demonstrate that you’re an asset and that you value your own work.

Tip #4: Always prepare a few questions for the recruiter

Asking questions at the end of the interview shows your interest in the position and the company. Chances are, your interviewer will ask if you have any questions once they’ve asked all of theirs. If you don't have any questions, it could give the impression that you are disinterested and don't want to know more about the company.

The Q&A period is the perfect time to learn about the team, work environment, company culture or any other information that may be of interest to you. Take advantage of it!

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary

Last piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for a salary that reflects your worth!

Remember, there’s no salary negotiation without “negotiation.” It can seem intimidating to ask for the amount you deserve in an interview. But the recruiter expects to discuss and negotiate your salary.

It’s worth asking for what you want, or even more! Don’t accept the first offer right away. Find out what the average salary is for your profession and experience in the region where you live to determine how much you deserve.

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Now you know the top 5 recruiter tips on what to say and what not to say in a job interview. The most important things are to know your worth, not to underestimate yourself and to remain confident throughout the hiring process. This attitude looks great in the eyes of your potential employer and boosts your chances of getting the job!

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