Software Engineer: job description

Posted at 16 December 2022

Software engineering has a small percentage of workers. As their title indicates, software engineers design and develop software, programs, or computer applications.

With this job description, our IT recruitment agency in Montreal will teach you more about this technical profession that is highly sought after by many companies.

Software engineer tasks

The software engineer is different from the IT engineer, with whom he is often confused. While the IT engineer acts mainly in the field of infrastructure and networks, the software engineer is mainly involved in software conception: the creation of software, web sites, interfaces, to name only the best known digital products.

Also, it is not about designing programs to bridge the gap between man and machine, but rather to conceptualize the architecture of software and work on its specifications. The software engineer is therefore at the root of the creation of a complex system.

Here are the tasks that a software engineer may have to accomplish in the course of his work:

  • Develop and manage projects, ensuring the viability of each phase of the process;
  • Study the fundamentals of a project, whether it's an operating system, an application, a video game, or a network control system, to ensure its long-term viability.
  • Develop software products and test them to ensure they meet the required specifications;
  • Control the development of software according to standardized norms;
  • Maintain and ensure the evolution of software;
  • Apply engineering principles in the creation of software, in order to propose a unique system for the client.

What are some essential skills for a software engineer?

The software engineer, because of his specificity in engineering, must master a wide range of skills to accomplish his work. Among these, we find

  • A thorough knowledge of IT;
  • Mastery of mathematics and science;
  • A deep understanding of many computer languages;
  • The ability to program and code;
  • Enjoy and be able to solve complex problems;

Soft skills needed for a software engineer

When it comes to soft skills, the software engineer must above all work on qualities related to people and personal resilience.

  • Be versatile - the job requires a real plurality of knowledge and know-how. They must be able to manage the administrative aspect, projects, studies, technical aspects, customer relations, etc.
  • Teamwork and communication - the engineer must be able to work both alone and as part of a team. They must also identify the needs of their clients and collaborators, which requires effective communication and initiative on their side.
  • Be pedagogue - the team with which the software engineer works does not have the same knowledge as they do. Therefore, they must be able to simplify the complex concepts they wish to solve or develop for the other workers in accessible terms.
  • Be creative - given the frequently limited budget or time available, the software engineer must be able to create software with the resources provided.

How to become a software engineer?

To become a software engineer, you must graduate with a bachelor's degree in software engineering. This degree is obtained in four years of complete studies, focused on software and complex applications.

The goal of these engineering studies is to master all the technical and specific aspects of software, from requirements analysis, programming, quality control to multidisciplinary knowledge of fields related to data, cybersecurity, etc. In short, everything that touches closely or remotely on software engineering and the frameworks in which it can be applied.

With this bachelor's degree, it is then possible to apply for and join theOrdre des ingénieurs du Québec. The software engineer must respect the code of ethics and professional conduct, which implies, among other things, "supporting any measure likely to improve the quality and availability of his professional services".

Is software engineer a stable career?

In a word: yes! Software engineers are in great demand in various fields, and the shortage of engineers helps to bring stability to this profession. Since most companies use software, and this is becoming more and more complex, the assistance of a software engineer becomes necessary, especially for the design of applications and programming tools.

Technology moves fast and it is essential for employers to be able to rely on a software engineer to keep up with the progress and find quick solutions to complex problems they may encounter.

The specialized profile of engineers allows them to easily find a job in application and development. Moreover, the prospects of evolution are just as positive since it is possible afterwards to move on to management positions.

What is a software engineer’s salary in Montreal?

A software engineer's salary in Montreal varies between $78,000 and $140,000, with a median value of $99,000 per year.

More globally, in Canada, a median salary of $85,000 per year is announced for the profession. This figure varies depending on the salary negotiation, but also on the experience of the engineer.

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