The IT engineer: job description

Posted at 12 November 2023

There are countless jobs in the IT industry. Software engineer, computer technician, data analyst... Each of these professions has its own role to play in the vast world of IT.

One of the IT jobs in high demand right now is the IT engineer. But what exactly does an IT engineer do? What industries do they work in? Find out in this article written by our IT recruiters!

What does an IT engineer do

IT engineers are often confused with software engineers. However, when you take a closer look at the tasks performed by an IT engineer, they tend to develop the whole hardware side of IT, while a software engineer develops interfaces, applications and software.

In fact, the IT engineer builds, develops and maintains various computer networks, systems and servers for their employer or clients. They may also be responsible for creating and programming artificial intelligence and computer facilities. Simply put, his job is to simplify very complex tasks for others.

However, an IT engineer's duties can vary depending on the workplace.

For example, an IT engineer in an SME will do a bit of everything, i.e. the tasks mentioned above, as well as IT asset management, IT development and software development.

In a larger company, the IT engineer will hold a more specialized position, such as an information systems engineer or an industrial computer engineer.

The main job sectors an it engineer can work in

The great thing about IT is that you can find it in every industry. This means an IT engineer can find an IT job in both the public and private sectors and in a wide variety of fields, from the web to aeronautics.

Moreover, as part of the main professions in the IT sector, IT engineers can work as much for large multinationals as for smaller companies in the start-up phase. You therefore have a wide range of choices!

However, some fields are more popular than others. Telecommunications companies, banks and CEGEPs are just a few examples of the main employment sectors for IT engineers.

How to become an IT engineer

Becoming an IT engineer requires completion of a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, information technology engineering or any other related engineering program. It is possible to obtain them at McGill University, Laval University or Polytechnique Montreal, to name but three.

In all cases, you must be a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec in order to legally and officially use the title of engineer in Quebec.

IT engineer salary in Canada

Count on an annual salary between $70,000 and $75,000 in Canada for a junior profile and around $115,000 for a more experienced profile. We are talking about a median salary of $85,000 per year.

Are you looking for a job as it engineer?

Now you know more about what an IT engineer does.

An IT engineer is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the computer infrastructure and networks of the company or client that employs them. This profession is highly sought-after in the IT field and will certainly continue to be in high demand in the years to come.

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