Mobile app developer: job description

Posted at 11 August 2023

Web development is a constantly evolving field. More and more companies are realizing that nowadays, having an online presence is essential.

Since cell phones and tablets are being used more than ever, adapting a business’s online presence to mobile devices is of paramount importance. Therefore, mobile app developers are highly sought after by employers.

Interested in becoming a mobile app developer? Our specialists at Fed IT, IT recruitment agency in Montreal, have written a job description for the profession.

What does a mobile app developer do

The main role of a mobile app developer is to develop apps for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They may also be tasked with creating a mobile version of an existing website.

In the course of their work, a mobile app developer may be required to carry out the following tasks:

  • Develop high-quality, user-friendly mobile applications for iOS and/or Android platforms using relevant programming languages (Swift, Java, Kotlin, etc.).
  • Processing data to create or improve apps
  • Carrying out performance tests on apps, considering how they might evolve and anticipating potential problems
  • Debugging apps when necessary
  • Optimize app performance and responsiveness, making necessary adjustments to improve user satisfaction.
  • Actively communicating with clients to understand their needs and ensure satisfaction
  • Collaborating continuously with colleagues to keep innovating
  • Keeping an eye out for new mobile technology and industry news

Skills and aptitudes needed for the profession

Recruiters and employers generally look for mobile app developers who have certain hard and soft skills.

Here are a few of the skills usually listed in job postings for this profession:

  • Creative and curious about the field
  • Good analytical skills and problem solving
  • Mastery over front-end development (HTML, Javascript, etc.)
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • Strong understanding of mobile app architecture, design patterns, and best practices.
  • Experience with mobile app development frameworks such as SwiftUI, UIKit, Android SDK, etc.
  • Knowledge of version control systems (e.g., Git) for collaborative development.
  • Familiarity with UI/UX principles and the ability to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Excellent math skills and logic
  • Organization and communication with both the team and clients

How to become a mobile app developer

To find work as a mobile app developer, some formal education is required.

Some employers may only consider candidates who have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another relevant field. Others may only require computer science at the CEGEP level (DEC).

Recruiters also look for developers who already have some professional experience in the field.

Mobile app developer salary

In Canada, the average salary for an app developer is approximately $60,000 per year. Depending on the workplace and the position, an app developer’s salary can start around $40,000. After a few years of experience, the amount can increase to over $90,000.

The app developer profession can lead to a variety of career opportunities in the IT industry. As they gain experience, developers can move on to positions such as software architect, IT project manager, etc.

Is mobile app development a good career

Mobile app development can be a rewarding career choice. The ever-growing demand for mobile apps across various industries ensures a steady stream of job opportunities. However, it's important to keep learning and adapting to evolving technologies to remain competitive in this dynamic and competitive industry.

That said, mobile app development also comes with challenges. The industry's rapid evolution demands continuous learning, and competition among developers can be fierce. Additionally, work-life balance can sometimes be a concern, especially when facing tight project deadlines. Ultimately, whether mobile app development is a good career for you depends on your passion for coding, your willingness to adapt, and your ability to balance the demands of the job with your personal life.

Find a mobile app developer job with the help of Fed IT

In summary, web and mobile app developers are tasked with creating new apps for mobile devices and/or adapting existing sites for mobile use.

These IT professionals need skills such as creativity, curiosity, math and communication.

Job prospects for app developers are generally good throughout Quebec. If you want a career in the IT industry, why not follow this path for your professional development?

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