IT Project Manager: the best way to get the job

Posted at 15 June 2020

Are you a young academic interested in the field of Information Technology (IT)? Or perhaps you already work in the field and are looking to move up the ladder in your company? The IT project manager position is an excellent career goal to aim for, as well as a stepping stone to an executive position.

In this article, find out the best way to get the job!

The education required to get a job as an IT project manager

Generally speaking, a university degree is required to become an IT Project Manager. The most conventional route to obtain this position is completing a bachelor's degree in computer science, business informatics, project management or even software engineering.

However, there is more than one training path that can lead to a job as an IT project manager. In fact, computer science graduates from a college program may also be eligible for such a position, depending on the experience they have acquired.

Strive for quality experience in the IT field

Whether you have a university or college education, employers require at least 3 years of related experience in information technology. If one of your career goals is to become a project manager and eventually hold an executive position, you will first have to work in various positions that provide you with the necessary work experience.

If you don't have a university or college education in project management, employers will probably require that you have at least 5 years of experience.

In any case, a candidate for an IT Project Manager position must also possess several essential skills in order to land this position.

Skills required to become an IT Project Manager

An IT project manager has many responsibilities within a company and must therefore have a range of skills that can be used in their work.

First and foremost, a project manager must have leadership skills. They need to lead a team of IT professionals and guide them through the various stages of a project. This means being able to motivate the team to work efficiently and delegate tasks in a logical manner. This requires a great sense of organization, coordination and communication.

In addition, an IT project manager must be familiar with the computer systems they work with. This requires familiarity with certain programming languages and databases.

Before becoming a project manager, look for IT job opportunities that will allow you to develop all these skills!

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In conclusion, the best way to land an IT project manager position is to have a university or college education in a related field, combined with relevant IT experience. If you don't have an education in this field, you should look for even more quality experience.

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