How do you know if your company has any recruitment needs?

Posted at 26 July 2019

Many companies have a tendency to start their hiring process at the last minute, after an employee departs, for example. However, a rushed hiring process can often have negative consequences. Among other things, you may hire a candidate who does not exactly meet your needs. This is why companies need to pay attention to signs they might have recruitment needs; here are some of them.

Frequently refusing new clients, a good indicator of recruitment needs

Refusing some contracts is normal for a company, which has to be strategic in terms of the tasks it undertakes for itself. Nevertheless, having to refuse customers repeatedly, especially due to workload issues, may indicate a need to recruit new employees. With new hires, you could increase your production capacity and process more requests.

If your current workload hinders your recruitment process, you can hire a placement agency to recruit a new employee. This will allow you to focus on the core tasks of your business.

Decreased service quality, a sign that it's time to recruit

When a team is overworked, it can cause stress among employees and result in a decrease in the quality of goods or services offered by a company. Listen to your employees, they can keep you informed of your company's production situation by offering you another point of view. This would allow you to effectively detect a recruitment need.

Anticipating an employee's departure is an effective way to meet a recruitment need

A professional career can be subject to change and some of your employees may have career opportunities that lead them to leave your company. Keeping yourself informed of your employees' plans could help you avoid being caught off guard and anticipate a potential new hire.

Stay informed about market developments to adapt your recruitment needs

Your industry may grow in the next few years or even months. If this happens, expanding your team by hiring new employees, either to grow your current business or to diversify your field of activity, can have positive economic benefits. You should therefore stay informed of market developments in order to adapt your recruitment policy accordingly.

Effectively forecast your company's recruitment needs

Many indicators can alert you to your company's recruitment needs. To avoid being caught off guard, you might want to create a long-term bank of potential candidates from which you can draw if necessary. If you do not have the chance to establish such a list, but need to hire quickly, a recruitment agency can be a valuable resource.

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