Why is good online reputation management essential for employers and employees?

Posted at 01 October 2019

The advent of digital social media has profoundly changed the way companies communicate with their customers, manage their image and choose potential candidates for employment. This is certainly the case in the IT industry, where players are always on the lookout for new technologies and their applications. 

Growing as a company in the digital age involves a number of challenges, including reputation. How can it be managed in an environment where public opinion is the center of attention? This is a problem that affects both employers and employees and you have everything to gain by ensuring that your online reputation is properly managed, no matter which side of the fence you are on.

User reviews can help you adjust your business practices

As a business, it can be difficult to see the value of comments left by users on employer review sites or social media. After all, disgruntled employees, disappointed candidates and other critics are much more likely to leave an opinion than satisfied employees and anyone can criticize your organization anonymously. However, you can use these platforms to strengthen your reputation: all you have to do is think strategically.

First, monitoring feedback on review platforms and social networks gives you privileged access to public perception of you and also allows you to respond to comments, something that was impossible a few years ago. It is of course crucial to respond appropriately to these comments. The most important thing is being honest, courteous and transparent. There is no need to remove negative comments (unless they are an insult) or to buy positive reviews: these often only raise suspicion.

These interactions give potential candidates a good idea of your corporate culture and the work to be done before applying. As a result, the applications you receive are more likely to meet your expectations. You should also consult your competitors' reviews to see their strengths and weaknesses. This approach is an opportunity for you to improve as an employer.

Employees and candidates can damage their reputation by sharing information online

If you are an employee, keep in mind that what you post on social media will probably be seen by your employer. That's why it's best to only publish what you're comfortable sharing with your superiors. Otherwise, it's probably a bad idea: sharing inappropriate content could cost you your current job or even your career.

If you are a job candidate, remember that if your potential employer has your CV in their hands, they probably also have your Facebook account in front of them. Depending on your online activity, your social network accounts can reveal a lot about you. Choose what you share wisely to increase your chances of being hired.

Fed IT can provide you with tools that will help you better manage your online reputation

In light of this information, you can appreciate the extent to which reputation management is closely linked to job search and recruitment.

At Fed IT, we support both employers and candidates by providing them with tools that help them manage their online reputation more effectively. If you would like advice from IT recruiters, contact us!