What is an IT manager?

Posted at 14 January 2021

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IT manager job description and role

The main role of IT managers, sometimes also called infrastructure directors, is to make sure that the IT solutions being used meet their company’s needs.

They oversee the proper functioning of computer systems, networks, IT infrastructure and applications. They also provide IT solutions that could help the company achieve its objectives.

The IT manager often has a more strategic role in larger companies and a more technical role in smaller companies.

IT manager responsibilities and duties

In addition to the roles mentioned above, IT managers perform several different tasks on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of tasks that this IT specialist might have to perform:

  • Management and supervision of IT teams 

  • Management of the IT budget, purchase of hardware and licenses

  • Maintenance and updating of computer systems

  • Implementation of training courses according to the needs of the users

  • Information systems security management

  • Keep up to date on technological developments

The skills and qualifications to be an IT manager

Employers will generally want to hire an IT manager who has certain skills. These could include:

  • At least 5 years experience in the IT sector

  • An excellent understanding of system and network architecture

  • Good problem solving skills

  • Mastery of the computer field (operating systems, programming languages, etc.) 

  • Good oral and written communication

  • A sharp sense of negotiation and administration

The training required to become an IT manager

There is no specific training path to follow to become an IT manager. 

As far as education is concerned, a candidate for an IT manager position generally needs at least a college diploma (DEC) or an undergraduate university degree (Bachelor's degree) in this field. 

Extensive experience in the computer industry is also required to be an IT manager. Employers often prefer candidates with experience in more than one branch of the computer industry. This allows the aspiring IT manager to better understand the needs of organizations and their team's concerns.

IT managers also have to constantly stay informed of advances in the IT sector. They can also take various training courses and complete certifications for specialization.

IT manager salary

In Quebec, an IT manager’s salary depends on their experience. A junior IT manager earns approximately $65,000 annually, while a senior IT manager's salary is around $90,000 or more.

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The IT manager is therefore responsible for the proper functioning of a company's information systems and networks. In addition, a large part of their work is devoted to the management of personnel, budget and equipment.

IT managers are IT experts who have accumulated a great deal of experience in their sector and who are ready to use their knowledge for their company’s success.

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