What does an IT technician’s job involve?

Posted at 17 April 2020

Has the computer technician (IT) profession always been a bit of a mystery to you? What do these IT professionals do during their busy workdays? How do they know how to perform all the technical tasks that help you out on a daily basis?

In this article, discover some of the different roles an IT technician can play in a company!

Tasks of an IT support technician

IT support technicians are responsible for providing technical assistance and troubleshooting to users of computer systems within a company. Some large organizations choose to hire technicians in-house, while others deal with IT professionals externally, such as through their Internet or software providers.

The main tasks of this technician include installing and configuring computers and other IT equipment and ensuring their compatibility. They are also responsible for installing and configuring software and computer programs. They may also be responsible for data transfers between different workstations or organizations. Finally, the IT support technician answers user questions and provides assistance with the various computer hardware.

The role of the IT network management technician

The IT network management technician has a different role within a company. They are responsible for managing, operating and monitoring a company's local area networks as well as wide area networks, mainframe networks, and all other related computer equipment.

IT network management technicians are responsible for the maintenance of multiple networks and troubleshooting the causes of network failures as part of their role. They also have many other tasks that help them maintain control of a company's IT networks and ensure that they are functional and secure to protect the company's confidential data.

What does a programmer-analyst or application developer do?

The programmer-analyst or developer is an IT job that requires a little more creativity than the previous two. This technician develops, designs, tests and documents different interfaces of various computer systems. They have to develop software that considers both the user experience and computer performance. 

The programmer determines the IT needs of a company's users and develops solutions to optimize the work of all users. They analyze and refine the programs they design to ensure that they are error-free. They also help users by providing them with information about the applications they have developed.

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In short, an IT technician can occupy a wide variety of positions depending on their interests and abilities. A technician who is highly interpersonal and communicative may be interested in IT support, while a resourceful person with a strong sense of responsibility may prefer network management. Technicians seeking to stimulate their creativity may prefer to take up programming and development.

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