What does an IT analyst do?

Posted at 08 September 2020

IT analysts, also called computer systems analysts, are IT professionals who analyze and confirm a company or organization’s IT, technical and business needs. They can work internally or be a consultant on various IT projects.

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Responsibilities of an IT analyst

Responsibilities of IT analysts can depend on the specific job (ex. functional, technical or corporate analyst), but they may include the following tasks, among others:

·      Involvement in the development and implementation of IT strategies

·      Ensuring and monitoring the quality and operation of IT products and services

·      Evaluating the costs of IT systems and their optimization

·      Writing documentation for developers

·      Providing advice to users of an organization's IT systems

Skills and qualifications to be an IT analyst

Being an IT analyst involves working with different computer systems and discussing and assisting clients with their needs. This requires a variety of technical and personal skills.

IT analyst job offers may require the following skills.

Technical skills

·      Knowledge of different IT systems

·      Familiarity with standards and procedures related to IT products and services

·      Knowledge of system and software development techniques

Personal skills

·      Good communication and listening skills

·      An excellent analytical mind

·      Attention to detail and organization

·      Business knowledge to better understand the specific needs of customers

Training and education

Having a college diploma (DEC) and/or undergraduate degree is necessary to become an IT data analyst. The main programs of study for this profession are a Bachelor's degree in computer science, IT management or a college diploma in computer science.

Employers also generally look for a candidate with at least two years’ experience in IT.

Future prospects and average salary of IT analysts

If you are an IT job candidate, your future prospects are excellent. There is currently a shortage of IT specialists in Canada, so your chances of finding a job you enjoy with good working conditions are very high.

In 2018, yearly IT analyst salaries were between $50,000 and $60,700 for a junior analyst, $59,300 and $75,400$ for an intermediate analyst and $68,400 and $90,000 for a senior analyst.

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In conclusion, IT analysts analyze IT needs of organizations and advise them in the development and implementation of different systems and software.

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