IT Analyst Job Description

Posted at 23 November 2023

IT analysts, also called IT specialists, are IT professionals who analyze and verify a company’s or organization’s Information Technology, technical and business needs. They can work internally or be a consultant on various IT projects.

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What does an it analyst do?

The main role of an IT analyst is to understand an organization's technology needs and recommend appropriate IT solutions. They play a central role in the strategic planning of IT systems and contribute to aligning technology with business objectives.

In addition, they act as a liaison between business stakeholders and technical teams to implement IT projects with maximum efficiency. <H2>IT analyst tasks and responsibilities

The tasks of an IT analyst can vary, depending on specific goals and requirements – thus the variety of names for this role, including computer specialist, infrastructure analyst, computer analyst, technology specialist, etc. An IT analyst's tasks may include, among others:

  • Participating in the development and implementation of IT strategies
  • Investigating and compiling needs expressed by various departments
  • Identifying opportunities for pilot projects to foster innovation within different departments
  • Assessing the relevance and feasibility of requests, and their potential consequences
  • Ensuring and monitoring the quality and operation of IT products and services
  • Evaluating the costs of IT systems and their optimization
  • Writing informative documents for developers that list all the essential features of a given IT project
  • Offering advice to IT systems users on how to improve their work processes.

Different IT analysts work to different specifications

A given computer analyst is not necessarily like any other analyst in the IT sector. For example, an IT analyst is not necessarily an analyst programmer. The analyst programmer job is one of the most popular developer jobs, combining skills in analysis and computer programming. This professional’s role is to design, develop and maintain software and applications using programming languages. Unlike computer analysts, programmer-analysts are more focused on the technical implementation of IT solutions.

There are other IT specialists who also fall into the category of IT analysts, such as data analysts. These professionals focus on analyzing data to extract actionable information, but their roles can vary according to the needs of a specific company. You will also encounter cybersecurity analysts who specialize in protecting IT systems from threats and cyber-attacks.

Each type of IT analyst has a unique role and area of expertise within their broader goal of contributing to improving efficiency, security and innovation in the constantly evolving field of information technology. <H2>IT analyst skills

An IT analyst needs both computer skills and soft skills, since their job involves working with different computer systems as well as discussing and assisting customers with their needs.

Technical skills

Soft skills and interpersonal skills

  • Good communication skills and the ability to listen, to be able to understand customer expectations and save time
  • Excellent analytical skills (what could be more logical for an analyst!)
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Business knowledge to better understand specific customer needs

How to become an IT analyst

To become a computer analyst, you need to study at college and obtain a DEC (also called a DCS) and/or at university to obtain a bachelor's degree. The primary programs of study leading to this profession are a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, or a DEC in Computer Science Technology.

In addition, employers generally look for candidates with at least two years' experience in the IT field.

IT analyst salary in Quebec

According to our 2023 study, a junior IT analyst earns around $80,000 a year in Quebec. Intermediate analysts earn $100,000 a year and senior analysts around $120,000.

If you're an IT candidate, your prospects are excellent. The IT sector is constantly recruiting, so your chances of finding a job that appeals to you and offers good working conditions are very good.

Career development opportunities are varied and depend on your technical skills. You could become a project manager, focus on software testing, or acquire special qualifications in programming.

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In short, an IT specialist analyzes an organization's IT needs and acts as an advisor regarding the development and implementation of various systems and software.

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