What does a computer programmer do?

Posted at 11 November 2020

Have you always had a strong interest in computers and how they work? Do you excel in mathematics? A career in computer programming may be a good option for you!

Here is more information on what a computer programmer does.

Different roles of a computer programmer

Computer programmers, also known as programmer analysts, usually work under the supervision of a software developer. Programmers have two main roles.

First, as their title implies, computer programmers use programming languages to design computer applications. Programming languages allow a computer to understand the tasks it has to perform.

The programmer's second role is to analyze and maintain existing computer systems. The programmer therefore becomes a contact for the users of these different systems.

A computer programmer can take part in any stage of the systems development life cycle. Whether for designing, developing, testing or integrating, a programmer's tasks are truly multifaceted.

The training and skills needed to be a computer programmer

To become a computer programmer in Quebec, you must have completed specialized education. There are several programs of study in the field at the college and university levels and in some specialized schools.

This training will help you better understand the theoretical side of the profession and develop your practical skills before you enter the workforce.

In addition to education, computer programmers also need to stay on top of the trends and technologies evolving in their field. Computer science is a fast-moving field and programmers are required to adapt to it.

Future prospects and salary

The computer programming sector has continued to grow in recent years. The prospects for future computer programming candidates are therefore very good.

Additionally, workplaces that employ computer programmers are very diverse. A programmer can work as much in a company with in-house computer services as in a company that produces software or offers computer services.

There are therefore many opportunities for aspiring programmer analysts in Quebec.

How much do computer programmers make?

The average salary for a programmer is around $44,500 per year in Canada. The median salary for this occupation is $65,000 per year.

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In short, computer programmers know several computer languages in order to create, maintain and analyze different computer systems.

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