What are the job opportunities in management information systems in Quebec?

Posted at 27 October 2020

One of the unique aspects of the IT field is the variety of jobs available within it. Some are highly technical, some are more research-oriented and others even focus on management.

Are you familiar with the management information technology jobs in Quebec? Discover these fascinating career opportunities.

Management information systems technician

Management information systems technician is one of the most common jobs in this particular field. Many companies are looking to hire these technicians for computer support within their company.

Find out the specifics of this job below.

What the management information systems technician does

The management information systems technician is in charge of collecting and organizing large amounts of information in a company. Their main tasks include, among others:

·      Analysis of a company's IT needs

·      Company data management using software

·      Configuration and installation of operating systems and computer networks

·      Training and IT support for system and network users

Skills and qualifications required

Most IT recruiters will look for the following qualifications and skills when looking to hire a management information systems technician.

First and foremost, a management information systems technician must be very familiar with the various computer management software and programs. They must also have excellent mathematical and accounting skills.

These IT professionals must also have good analytical skills, good systematic thinking and good interpersonal skills.

Required training to practice this trade

A Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) in computer science is required to become a management information systems technician in Quebec. Some schools even offer a specialization in management information technology.

Management information systems engineer

Another option for those interested in IT professions is to become a management information systems engineer.

Find out exactly what this work consists of.

What the management information systems engineer does

The day-to-day work of a management information systems engineer consists essentially of developing, managing and maintaining various IT software and media. They also have a few more administrative tasks, such as managing the economic and social resources of the company they work for.

Skills and qualifications required

Since they have managerial responsibilities, management information systems engineers must have good leadership and team spirit. They must also be versatile and have good problem-solving skills in order to adapt to any situation that may arise during their work.

Education required to practice this profession

An IT candidate must hold a bachelor's degree in information technology engineering or computer engineering to be able to practice as a management information systems engineer in Québec. Postgraduate studies in computer science are also available to further develop your skills.

Job opportunities abound in the management information systems sector!

There you have it, you now know a little more about the main professions in management information systems. Whether you aspire to become a technician or an engineer in this field, you should know that this is a sector with plenty of job opportunities. You have excellent chances of finding a job in this field.

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