Scrum Master: Job Description

Posted at 10 September 2021

Are you a natural leader with a strong interest in project management and a passion for IT? Scrum master might be the perfect career for you!

Read this job description to learn more about the scrum master profession.

Scrum Master: Role, Missions, Tasks

The scrum master is the technical coordinator of an IT team. Their role and responsibilities are to help the teams they supervise achieve their goals and develop their skills. The scrum master also helps their team incorporate the scrum method and agile practices into their day-to-day work.

This allows scrum masters to facilitate the work of the teams they manage. They use an approach based on cooperation and creativity to help their teams perform better.

To achieve their goals, scrum masters are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Training their teams and facilitating activities that promote the scrum method
  • Supporting the Product Owner and Developers to ensure scrum artifact transparency and customer satisfaction
  • Removing and resolve roadblocks when necessary and teaching teams how to do so for themselves
  • Helping scrum teams and Development Teams build an effective agile software infrastructure
  • Organizing daily scrum and sprint retrospectives to identify effective or ineffective actions by collecting data and observations
  • Coaching scrum teams in order to facilitate self-organization

What Training Do Scrum Masters Need?

There is no specific training required to become a scrum master. These specialists typically have post-secondary education in computer science or engineering, fields that embrace Agile methodology. That said, there is no particular college or university degree for this profession.

However, if you want to deepen your understanding the agile and scrum methodology, you can take a course and get certified.’s Professional Scrum Master™ training and Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Master course are great options for aspiring scrum masters.

What Are the Qualities and Skills of the Scrum Master?

Scrum master candidates must have a certain set of skills and qualities. Prospective employers may look to hire someone who:

  • Completely masters scrum and agile methodology
  • Masters IT project management and its main tools
  • Demonstrates leadership and the ability to delegate tasks appropriately
  • Is a good teacher and knows how to communicate clearly
  • Has excellent organizational skills
  • Is a good team player
  • Manages stress well
  • Enjoys challenges and problem solving

Scrum Master: Career Prospects and Average Salary in Quebec

The scrum master profession can lead to other positions in IT. These specialists often go on to become Product Owners or Project Managers.

According to the 2020 Robert Half Salary Guide, scrum masters earn an annual salary of $71,145 to $126,990 in Montreal. In Quebec City, the salary ranges from $66,960 to $119,250 per year.

Use Fed IT to Find a Scrum Master Job in Quebec

The scrum master position is full of great opportunities for professional development and career advancement. If you are passionate about IT and project management, you will thrive in the role of scrum master.

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