How do I write a cover letter for an IT job?

Posted at 14 July 2020


A cover letter is a preliminary contact between you and the employer. A well-written cover letter can help you stand out and, hopefully, get an interview for the position you are applying for.

Are you looking to land an IT job? Here's how to write a winning cover letter for the IT sector.

Before writing your cover letter

Before you write your cover letter for an IT job, you need to be properly prepared.

First, you should have the job offer at hand. This will be the basis for your cover letter. You should also keep your resume close by, as it will be just as useful for conveying your experience.

Next, gather some key information about the company, such as its industry sector, corporate structure or culture, customers and achievements. This will help you make connections between your interests and the IT position that interests you.

Cover letter structure

The header

Your cover letter begins with the header. This is where you should enter the date the letter was sent. You should also include the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed. This name is usually written directly on the job offer. If this is not the case, contact the company directly to find out.

The more personalized your letter is, the more it will stand out.

The first part

In this section, indicate how you heard about the job offer. Was it through a newspaper classified ad? From a friend? An employee? An IT recruitment agency? Specify it.

The second part

This is where you explain why your application is a perfect fit for the IT job opportunity. You should demonstrate how the requirements of the position relate to you.

Don't just talk about yourself. This is where the hiring manager wants to know how you will contribute to the company's needs. Focus on their interests.

Refer to the IT job description and write positive, affirmative sentences that highlight your value and accomplishments as an IT professional. Be original. This will help you stand out.

One or two paragraphs will be enough to explain how your background and skills will be useful to the company.

The third part

At this stage, the bulk of your cover letter is written. All that's left to do is thank the recipient. You also need to let them know that you are available for an interview.

Once this is done, conclude the cover letter with one of the usual greetings, then write your name and contact information under your signature.

Write a strong cover letter and land an IT job

One last thing before you leave: make sure your cover letter is well presented and read it over carefully before sending it.

The recruiters will pay special attention to it. If you have one or more files attached to your cover letter, specify the documents that are included with it.

There you have it. Now you are ready to write a winning cover letter for an IT job. We hope you find these tips useful.

We also invite you to read our article on how to write a CV for the IT sector for some excellent additional tips on the subject.

Best of luck!


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