Functional Architect (or IT Architect) Job Description

Posted at 22 November 2021

The recruitment specialists at Fed IT work with functional architects regularly. Here is a comprehensive overview of the profession.

Functional architects (also known as IT architects) are responsible for designing and modernizing a company’s IT systems. Both technical and business skills are needed for the profession. When presented with a problem, a functional architect must be able to find an IT solution and implement it.
Most functional architects start out in software development.

They are familiar with most of the IT solutions on the market and can select the ones that best suit their company’s needs.
Functional architects are usually part of a development team that works with the entire IT department to identify potential problems and ensure that projects progress smoothly.

What tasks and skills are required of a functional architect, and how much can they expect to earn? Fed Supply posts functional architect job offers as part of its recruitment services. Read on for a comprehensive overview of the profession.

The main tasks and responsibilities of a functional architect

A functional architect’s work involves making decisions about IT solutions and analyzing the impact they are likely to have on the company’s objectives. Functional architects must have in-depth knowledge of available technologies in order to propose the solution that best suits the company’s requirements.

After establishing their vision for the technical side of the project, the functional architect will create a budget estimate and present the project to all participating teams. 

Once everything has been agreed upon, they will oversee the development process and keep the relevant parties informed of the project’s progress.

What does a functional architect do?

A functional architect’s responsibilities include technical and strategic tasks, such as:

• Analyzing the company’s specific requirements and constraints
• Analyzing the company’s current technological environment
• Determining which parties will be involved in the project
• Contributing to the selection of new technology
• Managing the solution’s development and implementation
• Supporting project management

Skills and aptitudes needed for the profession

Functional architects must have an excellent understanding of the IT solutions available on the market, and experience with them if possible. 

They must have good organizational and analytical skills. They must be able to work in a team, develop and implement a project schedule and manage priorities in a constantly changing environment.

What qualifications do functional architects need?

Here are the qualifications companies generally request in their job offers: 
• A degree in computer science
• Good presentation and communication skills
• The ability to understand IT needs and find the right solutions for clients
• In-depth knowledge of project methodologies such as the Agile approach
• Professional knowledge of and experience with business software such as Salesforce 

What types of companies recruit functional architects?

IT freelancers may be hired for a project by any company that needs a specialist who will be able to ensure that the infrastructure is designed properly (and make improvements if necessary).
Companies may also need functional architects on staff to make continuous improvements and resolve technical problems as they arise. 

Functional architects can find work in most any industry: telecommunications, health, finance, administration, defence, IT, e-commerce, retail, etc. Note that large companies are usually the ones that have functional architects on staff.

Salary for functional architects in Canada

According to Jobillico, the average salary for a functional architect varies by province. In Quebec, a junior functional architect earns around $40,000 per year. In Nunavut, on the other hand, candidates with a similar profile can expect to earn over $70,000 per year. 

Of course, compensation also depends on the individual's skills and experience. Fed IT regularly posts job offers that pay $100,000 to $120,000 per year.

Read our article on the average IT salary in Montreal by occupation for more information. 

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