Do you need LinkedIn to find a job in IT?

Posted at 06 December 2019

Pierre is looking for a job in IT. All his friends tell him to create a LinkedIn profile to help him in his job search. But Pierre is a conservative man and he is fond of good old-fashioned approaches. However, he is not afraid to use LinkedIn to help him in his efforts. Let's find out if LinkedIn can help him land a job in IT. 

LinkedIn and recruiters

LinkedIn is a global platform that is widely used by recruiters. In fact, 93% of people looking for a job candidate use this social network to recruit employees. That's pretty good for Pierre, isn't it?

A virtual CV that helps you stand out

The way LinkedIn works is very simple. In just a few steps, you can create your own profile where you can showcase your skills, credibility and expertise in a given field. Basically, it's your virtual IT resume and much more. So, when Pierre created his LinkedIn profile, he made sure he was visible online and built trust with employers and IT recruiters without too much difficulty.

Learn more about the recruiter before applying for an IT job

However, LinkedIn is more than just a social network to get the attention of recruiters. It also lets you do research on interviewers and hiring managers. If Pierre does this work, he can "spy" and determine who will receive his CV before sending the precious document to him, which will help him personalize his approach.

Browse offers and more

LinkedIn also lets you search for job offers and apply directly through the platform. It also provides the opportunity to save job searches and let recruiters know that you are looking for career opportunities.

LinkedIn is also used to meet people with the same professional interests and develop your network. It also lets you participate in discussions, share your knowledge, ask questions and engage in conversations with key players within an organization, which can be very rewarding when you are looking for a job.

Find an IT job with LinkedIn

In light of this information, do you need LinkedIn to get a job in IT? No, but it can greatly simplify the process, if only because of the few advantages we have just outlined. It is now up to you - and Pierre - to apply best practices when creating your profile.

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