Why work with an employment agency to find employees in the IT sector?

Posted at 22 October 2019

Demand for skilled employees has rarely been as high as it currently is in the IT sector. Human Resources departments in many companies compete for skilled IT workers, making it more difficult than ever to recruit new talent on their own.

This is why many organizations that lack the time, expertise or resources to manage hiring processes will turn to an employment agency to find employees in the IT sector.

In addition to relieving themselves of a heavy burden, companies that choose to outsource their hiring process benefit from many advantages. Here are some of them.

An employment agency helps meet an urgent need for IT staff

For a company seeking to hire an IT worker on a short-term contract, the normal hiring process involves posting job offers, interviewing candidates and processing new employee documentation. This means investing a lot of time in a recruitment process, even for an employee who will only be working a few days or weeks.

On the other hand, employment agencies are in constant contact with IT workers that have already been identified as competent and reliable. Many of them can even fill a vacancy in a few days or even hours.

Recruiting through an employment agency helps avoid bad hires

Bad hiring can have significant financial consequences for an IT company. After all, a recruitment process can cost several thousand dollars, even when it proves ineffective. Analyzing the resumes received, interviews, training, etc., all these expenses are a waste of resources when the hired worker simply does not work out.

With the help of an employer, an employment agency can create the ideal candidate profile and then find IT workers that perfectly match each of the pre-determined selection criteria.

Employment agencies have access to a large talent pool and know exactly where to find candidates with the professional background and personality to excel in their new role and integrate well into their work team.

Employment agencies have unique recruitment expertise

Given the relatively new nature of the IT sector, most of the companies in the sector are SMEs that have only been in business for a few years. As a result, not all of them have extensive recruitment expertise.

Conversely, recruitment agencies can rely on experienced and well-qualified recruiters. They are extremely well-versed in resume analysis, job posting, interview techniques and all other aspects of a hiring process. They are also informed of all recent trends and changes in the labour market.

In short, they are well equipped to provide valuable advice to organizations that want to recruit IT workers.

Finding competent employees with the support of Fed IT

While these are compelling advantages of doing business with an employment agency to find employees in the IT sector, they are just a few examples among many.

If you want to know all the benefits of outsourcing recruitment processes or gain them for your organization, simply contact the experts at Fed IT!