Junior candidates: do recruiters have an interest in your profile?

Posted at 12 December 2019

Junior applications have long been ignored by recruiters for fear that applicants may not be able to handle the workload or be sufficiently qualified. However, there has been an increase in interest from recruiters over time. An increasing number of companies are giving junior candidates the opportunity to prove themselves in an open position. 

Are you a young graduate or do you not have any expertise in the environment you want to work in? Don't worry, your profile could still meet the expectations of some companies. Read this article to see why recruiters might be interested in your junior profile.

Junior application: in the sights of future-oriented recruiters

For one thing, recruiters are increasingly interested in junior applications because they represent the future of companies. Indeed, junior candidates who apply for specific jobs or who are recruited after submitting an unsolicited application represent the stakeholders of tomorrow. Recruiters are therefore well advised to consider their applications, since they can bring a fresh perspective to their company and its operations. They can quickly become agents of change that allow a company to evolve.

Moreover, after many years in school, young people generally only want one thing: to get involved in the workplace. As a result, a young employee will often bring new dynamics and innovative ideas that can be very useful to their employer.

Your training and skills attract the interest of recruiters

Contrary to popular belief, a young graduate has a high level of knowledge and skills, even if they do not have a high level of experience. Moreover, a junior will often be able to perform tasks using extremely modern techniques and tools, things that older employees may not be able to do.

In addition, whether as part of a course, project or internship, a junior candidate will have developed a maturity that will allow them to work in a professional environment. In short, even if the stakes are not the same, the academic community adequately prepares students to enter the workplace.

Junior applications are associated with qualities sought by recruiters

Recruiters also have an interest in junior profiles given the many qualities that often emerge from these applications: dynamism, adaptability and ambition.

These qualities are especially noticeable in applications from young graduates who want to demonstrate what they are capable of.

Entrust your junior position to a recruitment agency

Now that you know that your junior status can be suitable for many recruiters, you can apply for jobs that really motivate you, even if you have no experience. You could be called for a job interview faster than you think!

You can also contact Fed IT to speed up your job search. Our team, which specializes in IT and telecom recruitment, will be pleased to assist you, whatever your needs.


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