3 trends to watch in IT work environments in 2020

Posted at 17 February 2020

As new technologies develop, modern workplaces continue to evolve alongside them. Companies need to be aware of emerging trends in their industry if they want to attract and retain new talent and keep their employees motivated. 

One thing is certain, in 2020, technologies will become even more prevalent in work environments and will provide much needed benefits to organizations.

IT employers and employees be warned, 2020 will be marked by these new trends.

Growing inclusion and use of artificial intelligence in the workplace

At the speed that artificial intelligence technologies are developing, it is only natural that they are beginning to make their way into the workplace, especially in the IT field.

Indeed, a growing number of companies are starting to use various tools with artificial intelligence to automate certain simple and repetitive tasks where the expertise of an employee is non-essential. In addition, artificial intelligence is gradually being used by companies to streamline recruitment processes. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute even predicts that by 2030, 70% of companies will have adopted at least one form of artificial intelligence.

More training to broaden IT employee skill sets

The increasing use of artificial intelligence doesn't mean that all humans will ultimately be replaced by robots in the workplace. Nevertheless, it is important that they adapt to the inevitable technological changes and develop their skills to make themselves indispensable to employers. This is why a marked increased in the training offered to employees will be another workplace trend in 2020.

Keeping up to date with technology

Employees in the IT community have no choice but to keep up with new developments that will influence their professional field. Providing employees with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge directly in the workplace helps employers maintain a high level of performance among their employees while encouraging their personal development. This will also help them retain promising talent in the company. 

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular

In an effort to improve work-life balance, employees are gradually moving away from the traditional 9 to 5 and are instead seeking to work for companies that offer flexible hours, particularly those that offer the option of working from home.

Thanks to technological advances, such as internal communications or scheduling software, remote work is much easier to manage for organizations that no longer have a problem offering it to their employees. Empowering employees to manage their own time will increase productivity and motivation and reduce stress.

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In summary, three of the emerging trends in IT work environments in 2020 are the gradual inclusion of artificial intelligence in the daily operations of companies, the ongoing training of employees within their companies and the ability to work from home and offer more flexible hours.

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